COVID-19 compliant buildings

This month, both BudaSquare and Margit Palace have obtained their COVID-19 compliance certification issued by SAFE Asset Group.

During a pandemic, swift changes in property management are essential to maintain a safe environment for its users. BudaSquare and Margit Palace were among the first buildings to adopt strict health safety measures: hand-sanitizing stations, plexiglass shields at the receptions, and signs on all floors to remind their tenants of keeping social distance in all rooms and elevators.

The COVID-19 certifications assessment aims to determine the readiness and resilience towards the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. SAFE Asset Group offers the only internationally acknowledged resilience certification program for Hospitality, Offices, Retail, and Environments (SHORE).

The certification process was a three-step method: first, an online survey was carried out, along with a web meeting and an asset tour. As a result, both properties have passed the test with exceptional results.

Zsuzsanna Somogyi, senior property manager at ESTON, described the process as a fantastic experience: “last year, we knew that we must act as fast as we can to adapt to this new situation. So going through the certification – especially during the asset tour – it was great to see every measure we introduced being effective.”

Resolution Property representatives confirm that “SAFE certification is a confirmation of our continued concern and efforts in order to meet our tenants’ expectations in the current global pandemic context.”

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