BRF Report – Q1 2021
The latest market report published by Budapest Research Forum (BRF) is available by clicking on the link below. BRF Riport (HUN)…
Market Report – 2020 H2

Industrial and Logistics: Investment Capital Market: Budapest Office Market:

BRF Report – Q4 2020
BRF-Irodapiaci-jelentes-2020-Q4Download BRF-Office-Market-report-Q4-2020Download BRF-Q4-2020-industrial-PR_ENGDownload BRF-Q4-2020-industrial-PR_HUNDownload
BRF Report – Q3 2020
BRF-Q3-2020-industrial-PR_ENGDownload BRF-Q3-2020-ipari-ingatlanpiaci-jelentesDownload ESTON-BRF-Irodapiaci-jelentes-2020-Q3Download ESTON-BRF-Office-Market-report-Q3-2020Download
Market Report – H1 2020
ESTON-MR-20H1-Industrial-ENG-1Download ESTON-MR-20H1-Industrial-1Download ESTON-MR-20H1-Investment-ENG-1Download ESTON-MR-20H1-Investment-1Download ESTON-MR-20H1Office-ENGDownload ESTON-MR-20H1Office-1Download
BRF Report – Q2 2020
BRF-Irodapiaci-jelentes-2020-Q2_final-1Download BRF-Office-Market-report-Q2-2020_final-1Download BRF-Q2-2020-industrial-PR_ENG-final-1Download BRF-Q2-2020-industrial-PR_HUN-final-1Download
BRF Report – Q1 2020
BRF Report – Q1 2020 Click on the following links to download the reports BRF Industrial Market 2020 Q1 BRF Ipari…
Market Report – H2 2019
Market Report – H2 2019 Click on the links to download the reports ESTON MR 19H2 Office ESTON MR 19H2 Office…
BRF Report – Q4 2019
BRF Report – Q4 2019 Click on the links to download the reports. BRF PR OFFICE Q4 2019 HUN FINAL BRF…
BRF Report – Q3 2019
BRF Report – Q3 2019 BRF-PR-OFFICE-Q3-2019-HUNDownload   BRF-PR-OFFICE-Q3-2019_ENDownload   BRF-Q3-2019-industrial-PR_ENGDownload   BRF-Q3-2019-industrial-PR_HUNDownload  

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