Tenant Representation

Eston Tenant Representation services are unique and customized.

As opposed to market standard agency services, we use our expertise only for the benefit of Tenant’s, meaning for You, excluding any conflict of interests. We aim to find the best office space and/or to renegotiate your lease contract under the most favorable conditions and contractual terms. This doesn’t only mean a simple check of the property database, but it focuses on really finding the best property solution at that time available on the market after getting to know your middle- and long-term plans and reformulating – if requested – your property requirements.

Added values of the Exclusive Tenant Representation:

  • focusing exclusively on the Tenant’s interests;
  • no conflict of interests occurs as the consultant does not receive any remuneration from the landlord;
  • possessing up-to-date market data such as potential rental alternatives (buildings), as well as the conditions of the single real estates and the market itself, these usually being not accessible for Clients. All these can be well used while negotiating with landlords.
  • knowing all professional standards, market practices and methodology which might not be explicit while comparing different property solutions available for you (different methods of common area calculation, different methods of lease area calculation, different technical contents included in the rental fee, methods of calculating service charge, etc.). This leads to real cost optimization.
  • reading between the lines all through the preparation of the lease contract, the negotiations and the execution of the agreement itself, and points out every hidden detail which could lead to any kind of disadvantage – mainly financial- for the Client at a later stage of the contractual relationship;
  • aiming to turn all nominal items and indicators into effective, understandable costs.

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